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About Us

Our Practice Philosophy

We like to treat both acute patients who have had significant problems and those individuals who want to stay well through chiropractic. No matter what suits you best, our goal is to realign your spine physically to help improve ranges of motion that aren’t moving well, and to get you feeling great!

We want to help you feel as well as you can at every age!

Since he began practicing in 1988, Dr. Brian McDonald has been passionate about helping patients get out of pain and enjoy greater vitality at every age. From helping high school athletes to active seniors, he wants to get every patient feeling as best as they can for whatever stage of life they’re in.

Before opening up McDonald Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. McDonald worked in Delaware for a group of chiropractors. Looking for an ideal place to raise a family, he chose Elkton. He enjoys the lovely area and its proximity to the bay.

Discover Relief and Wellness Care

About half of Dr. McDonald’s patients see him for relief and the other half for wellness and family care. Because every patient’s needs are different, he may see some weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Dr. McDonald always uses the least amount of force required to move a joint or spinal segment. He’s also strong enough to move things where it’s difficult to do so and often receives positive feedback about his physical skills as a chiropractor.

At McDonald Chiropractic Clinic, we don’t believe you should have to accept pain and limited motion. Though there are a certain amount of aches and pains that are reasonable for your age, we want to be able to fix those issues, whatever they may be.

Patient Success Stories

Through the years we have seen many dozens of people with low back pain and sciatica who weren’t surgical candidates. “Some had even been told not to go to a chiropractor. And here I end up getting them better,” says Dr. McDonald. “Without chiropractic, they could have suffered forever or become addicted to painkillers. These patients have been told by doctors to learn to live with it.”

You don’t have to live with persistent pain. If you’re ready to feel your best, no matter your age, we want to help you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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